Andy Weaver – Saxophonist

Andy Weaver – Saxophonist  is a young professional session musician based in the North West of England. With a passion for dance, funk and soul music Andy has developed his skills as a saxophonist to become one of the most sought after sax players in the North West.

Professional jazz, funk Saxophonist based in Liverpool. Able to perform solo, as part of bands or alongside a DJ

He has recently played on tracks that have been featured on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 1 Extra whilst his energetic and skilful approach has taken him on tours around the UK and a number of gigs in mainland Europe. His quick fingering combined with his deep and soulful funky tone have given Andy the foundation to excel in the house music scene.

Featured Club Sax
  • Infinity - Guru Josh
  • Blue Mood - That Sax Song
  • Laurent Wolf - Saxo
  • Big Gigantic – Touch The Sky